Customs Duty Advisory

Customs Duty Advisory

Every Australian business, big or small, involved in the movement of goods between countries is exposed to complex international trade regulations and to the various customs duties imposed on most imports.

This exposure is costly unless it is managed and controlled through careful Customs Duty planning and timely Customs Duty Audits.

Furthermore, the measures governing international trade go far beyond basic import and export procedures and the payment of duties; they impact a wide range of commercial policies and transactions, and are material to the activities of almost every function of the business.

If your business is involved in international trade and is interested in making substantial savings in its operations, then utilising the available concession and duty refund tools would be highly beneficial.

The refund audit and planning tools that are available to business to reduce their Customs Duty exposure include:

Refund Audits Tools

Planning Tools

Each tool has its merit and we recommend that you explore each one to select the most appropriate for your business.

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