Duty Planning

Written by Saving Point Team

June 20, 2019

Duty planning enabling clients to drive down the costs of customs duties, and of the complex customs and excise rules and regulations.

Why does duty planning matter?

  • every year businesses worldwide spend some 190bn on customs duties and 280bn on managing their customs activities;
  • the rules are complex and changing, but they also allow great scope to Duty Plan; and
  • rarely however do businesses that move goods across customs borders take full advantage of the opportunities that the rules present to drive down costs, improve efficiency and eliminate risk.

This is where Saving Point comes in, bringing deep technical understanding and decades of practical experience working with some of Australia’s largest organisations to turn prima facie unavoidable tax and customs costs into a prime business asset capable of generating substantial and sustainable savings and improvements.

Our services include:

  • strategic duty planning of customs & excise duties
  • managing customs and trade compliance
  • reclaiming overpaid duty

The Australian Government has several programs that allow for the duty-free or concessional entry of goods into Australia:

The Tariff Concession System

Entry of goods into Australia free of duty, where substitutable goods are not produced in Australia.  

The Tradex Scheme

Tradex enables goods to be imported without the payment of duty or taxes, including GST, provided the goods are to be exported or incorporated in goods for export within twelve months of importation.

The Policy and Project By-Laws Program

Several schemes are included under this generic heading including the Enhanced Project By-Law Scheme (EPBS) and Certain Inputs to Manufacture (CIM). The schemes provide duty concessions on eligible goods including certain inputs to manufacture where equivalent goods are not available in Australia or the goods to be imported are technically superior to the Australian made version.

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