Freight Tendering

Selecting your freight partners is the single most important decision to be made with regards to your freight costs, we provide you with the tendering analysis tools so that you can make the right decisions every time.  

How to regain control of your international freight costs

You know the feeling, You have just opened your latest invoice for international freight and there are lists of all those “other” fees blowing out the total cost.

What makes it even more frustrating is that they mostly have no clear explanation, and you suspect that many are simply unjustified.

In fact most Australian importers are seeing these “other” fees dwarfing their real international freight expense. To see just how out of control this has become, simply scan the list below. How many are you paying? How many do you really understand?

What you need is a freight strategy that puts you back in control. It needs to:



Reduce freight and “other” costs,



Simplify freight invoices so you can easily audit your freight charges


Lift the veil on all hidden and difficult to understand costs

International Freight

International freight is a complex business and the simplest solutions often evade people busy running their own businesses.

The lowest cost and best way to regain control of your international freight costs is to conduct an independent tender. Here you set the criteria for your service and invite the most appropriate freight providers to match and price their service to your needs.  This will give you the most competitive price and a service matched to your needs, and not driven by our suppliers.

Saving Point employ experts with a lifetime of knowledge in international freight. They manage the whole tendering process for Australian importers by streamlining the following:


Communicate with your current and best-match potential freight providers


Prepare and issue your request for quote (RFQ)


Analyse and present RFQ results, summarising both financial and administrative savings


Fine-tune and finalise the winning quotation

Examples of “Other” fees

Lift On/Lift Off


Storage & Handling

Terminal Handling Charge

Timeslot Booking Fee

Fumigation Fee

Document Retention Fee


Compile Fee

Freight (Usd)

Port Service Charge


Destination Terminal Handling Charges

Airline Document Fee

Destination Cargo Automation Fee

Cargo Management Re-Engineering

Vehicle Booking System

Destination Documentation Fee

Cargo Reporting(Sca & Cmr)

Port License Fee

Carrier Security Fee

Port Security Charge

Sea Cargo Automation

Empty De-Hire Fee


Delivery Order

Aqis Elec Packing Dec Fee

Aqis Processing Charge

Declaration Processing Charge

Aqis Container Charge

Ship Co Doc Fee

Heavy Container Fee

Telephone And Postages

Customs Clearance/Agency/ Broker Fee

Fob Charges

Cmr Fee

Quarantine Handling Fee



Quarantine Attendances

Ecp Booking Fee


Quarantine Declaration/Lodgement Fee


Cartage Fuel Surcharge Fcl

Booking Fee

Expenses  Abroad

Administrative Fee

Agency Fee

Arrival Notice Fee


Bunker Adjustment Factor

Carbon Tax

Booking Fee

Bl Amendment Before Manifest Filing

B/L Fee

Seaway Bill Fee


B/L Surrender Fee

Currency Adjustment Factor

Storage Calculation

Custom Clearance Expenses

Change Of Destination

Customs Documentation




Collection Fees

Change Manifest Fee

Communication Fee

Courier Charge

Demurrage Calculation

Pickup & Delivery

Doc Fee

Declaration Fee

Import Declaration Fee

Manifest Corrector Fee

Booking Cancellation

Fuel Surcharge Levy

Edi Booking Fee

Emergency Bunker Charge

Transportation – Local

Postage & Petties

Pick Up Charge

Weekend Charge

Weighting Charge (Empty)

Express Release

Yard Occupancy Charge