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We are excited to announce our collaboration with the team at Radium Capital in helping you access the R&D Tax Incentive, sooner and smarter.

Radium Capital offers smart R&D tax refund advances, enabling you to access your R&D refund throughout the year. Tapping into your R&D refund advance will enable you to reinvest your funds sooner, reducing the need to raise diluting capital or to smooth your cashflow.

Our clients know how lucrative the R&D Tax Incentive program is, in supporting the growth and development of businesses. Our clients also know that ‘cash is king’ and waiting for the R&D entitlements to reach your doorstep can be an arduous/lengthy/prolonged process.


advance amount of your R&D refund


enabling you to reinvest

Focus on growing your business, without waiting for refunds

Don’t waiting for the R&D entitlements to reach your doorstep!

Refund Advance

Radium Capital offer R&D refund advances. The Radium model, offers quarterly advances of R&D refunds, enabling you to develop your R&D projects, with extra funding, without needing to raise more capital.

Increase Your Expenditure

Radium Capital offers an advance amount of 80% of your R&D refund, enabling you to reinvest up to 150% of R&D expenditure. R&D advances will increase your R&D expenditure, and let you focus on growing your business, without waiting for refunds.  

Receive Your Funds within a Business Week

Businesses that have engaged Saving Point in claiming the R&D Tax Incentive can be referred directly to Radium Capital to apply for the R&D refund advance, through their easy to use smart platform-based solution.

Following lodgement, successful applicants will receive their funds within a business week!

If you would like to hear more about this, reach out to our Grants Team.