Freight advisory

If your business is regularly moving goods, either to and from Australia, around the country or just locally, it’s important to regularly benchmark and audits your freight costs and services.

Make a move on your freight costs

Understand the Past

By analysing your international freight spend history you can better understand your cost drivers, create price benchmarking and optimize your shipping modes and provide global management visibility over your freight spend.

Case Studies

We’ve been achieving some great results for clients of late leading to significant savings. A few examples of customers we’ve worked with!

Power DC

Power-DC-Logo - Testimonials

“On behalf of everyone here at Power DC, I would like to give my sincere thanks to Saving Point for assisting us with both our international and domestic freight tendering this year.
We’ve seen significant cost reductions since engaging Saving Point’s services, and have
appreciated their professional conduct and expert advice.
They streamlined the freight tendering process, and the high level of communication and efficiency on display was impressive.
I would have no hesitation and would highly recommend Saving Point to other companies seeking to test and lower their costs and expenditures.
Power DC will continue to seek their advice and expertise on similar matters in the future.”

Tim Korren 
Managing Director

Powersource Global

powersource-global logo

“We have used Saving’s Point twice in the last 3 years to conduct 2 freight audits, it has been worth our while on both occasions with numerous duty over-charges picked up along with some Tariff concession we have obtained for on-going products. It is a great service that costs us absolutely nothing, any company who is importing $500K plus per annum would be doing themselves a disservice not to engage Saving’s Point every 2 years or even annually. It’s a very simple process, you just lay out the freight invoices and they come in and do the screening (very quickly) then they go away and come back with any queries which are quite easy to answer given they have a solid understanding of a vast variety of products.”

David Douglas
Managing Director

Gibson Importing Co

Gibson-logo - Testimonials

“In 2015, we decided to enlist the services of Saving Point in running an international freight tender.

We were presented with quotes from a list of suitable freight forwarders that accommodated our company’s freight requirements and were able to compare this data and eventually make an informed and educated selection. This process gave us the opportunity to explore other alternatives and to secure an overall reduced rate. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Saving Point team for their hard work and dedication throughout the freight tender process, and to recommend them to other importers. We would certainly seek Saving Point out again in the future.”

Tim McCann
General Manager

Shamrock Craft Products


“We would highly recommend Saving Point to conduct a review on your inbound freight providers. We are not experts in freight and thought that we were doing okay, until Boaz and his team showed us differently.

Their extensive review of our freight offerings was completed in a timely and professional manner. Their findings were presented in a clear and well defined manner and with their assistance our transition to our new freight provider was seamless.

Definitely saving us money and has raised the bar on service levels.”

Karryn Roberts
General Manager

TOMY Australia


“Our work with Boaz Shiponi and his team at Saving Point aimed to reduce our international freight expense and streamline this process. Their approach in coordinating and executing our international freight tendering was exceptional.We were thrilled when Boaz and his team delivered not only a savings of over 35% in our international freight expense, but large refunds through a customs duty audit. This was beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings.

What we appreciated most about working with Boaz and his team was their professionalism and expertise. Their service is precise, timely and extremely beneficial.Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Boaz and the team at Saving Point to other companies and TOMY Australia will certainly continue to engage their services in the future”.

Luke Goss
Finance Manager

Park Avenue Foods

Park-Avenue-Foods-logo - testimonilas

“We have had an ongoing relationship with Saving Point for the past few years and have requested their assistance in several areas of our business. Most recently, we began looking into our international freight costs as this had been identified as a source of high expense.

Through Saving Point’s freight tender service, we were able to compare the offerings from several freight forwarders of our choice and obtain savings of around 23%.

I would certainly use this service again in the future and would also recommend it to others.”

Janine Witham


doterra-logo - testimonials

“We reached out to Saving Point when our 3PL Warehousing, Fulfillment and Distribution contract was being renewed. We were looking into the different options for securing the best practice and price available for our individual corporate needs. After Saving Point’s preliminary analysis and further discussion we jointly decided that it would be beneficial to go to tender.

Saving Point ensured the entire process ran smoothly from start to finish and provided status updates regularly to keep us informed on the progress. By allowing Saving Point to analyse and negotiate the prices, it enabled us to focus on our core business and benefit from further savings.

By utilising Saving Point’s expertise we were presented with the results and were able to make a well-informed decision.

We were pleased with the entire process and would not hesitate to recommend Saving Point to other companies and doTERRA will certainly continue to engage their services in the future.”

Luke Goss

Director of Finance and Operations

Amer Sports Australia

Amer-logo - testimonials

“International freight has long been an area of significant financial expenditure for Amer Sports, and we were looking for a way to reduce this without compromising the quality and efficiency of our importation procedures.

Analysing and negotiating freight expenses is highly complex and potentially very time-consuming. To streamline this, we approached the Saving Point team for assistance in managing our freight tender. Saving Point worked with a series of freight forwarders including our incumbent forwarder to compare costs and services.

After careful consideration, we decided to stay with our incumbent forwarder, but the process forced them to reduce their rates and we expect to attain considerable savings moving forward.

Needless to say, we are very pleased with this result and would highly recommend Saving Point to any companies seeking to reduce their freight expenditure.”

Graeme Sizer
Operations Manager

Freight  Services

Saving Point will conduct a thorough and independent review of your current international freight expenditure and will carry out a “Request for Quote” (RFQ) tender process. This provides the pricing tension of competitive providers which will result in substantial savings across your international freight expenditure.

Freight Audit

Checking the accuracy of your freight invoices and performing root cause analysis on errors will reduce your freight spend and improve the process. The Audit can be done utilising our Freight Audit Service, we analyse your freight accounts and review the fees and charges paid on transactions to determine any over-charges, comparison of charges within the industry and any applicable refunds.

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Freight Tendering

Selecting your freight partners is the single most important decision in regards to your freight costs, we provide you with the tendering analysis tools so that you can make the right decisions every time.  Saving Point manages the tendering process for you, approach current and potential providers to ensure that you obtain the most competitive price.

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