Our management consulting team assists executive teams and boards to define and adapt their strategy, identify and clarify their priorities, align their efforts with their aspirations, get major projects started and finished and measure and improve performance.

In line with Saving Point’s business values, our management consulting team aim to deliver service of a high quality providing immediate financial gain to our clients.

Focussed on the following key service areas, we are able to provide solutions to businesses increasing efficiencies and overall productivity:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Strategy mobilisation
  • Growth
  • Resource allocation
  • Organisational effectiveness
  • Strategic leadership

Our approach is to focus on critical issues and opportunities to deliver long term sustainability and growth. Our professional advice is based on experience to provide client’s with timely and pragmatic advice.

Contact us on 03 9555 3551 to see how hour experts can assist your business.

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The Benefits of Saving Point

We offer a personalized one-on-one service so we can better assist you in benefiting from the variety of programs available.

Many companies do not have the time or resources to dedicate to analyzing and compiling a grant application. Saving Point assists by expediting and streamlining the process, making sure that you receive the funding you are entitled to.

Case Studies

We’ve been achieving some great results for clients of late leading to significant savings. A few examples of customers we’ve worked with!


investorist. logo testimonials

“We have had the pleasure of working alongside the Saving Point team for the last four years. During that time, Saving Point has guided and supported us through 4 successful Research and Development Tax Incentive applications and 3 successful Export Market Development Grant applications.

The nature of our business requires us to constantly innovate, grow and advance, and the financial benefit of these government grants has greatly assisted with this aim. We appreciate the Saving Point team’s reliability in preparing our applications.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Saving Point.”

Bernard Czaplinski
Financial Controller

Friday Media

Friday-Media-logo - testimonials

“Saving Point has been our preferred service provider at Hannan Group (Friday Media, Lambda Software and Eball) with regards to the R&D Tax claims since 2011. The Saving Point team, led by Russell Mogilevsky, was highly professional and identified a number of new claim opportunities that have been previously overlooked.

All work was carried out with minimal disruption and any potential issues were raised and resolved within our company’s risk profile. The staff who were dealt with internally were also treated with respect and were coached through the process, making it an easy experience.

Saving Point delivered superior professional service via effective communications and displayed exceptional attentions to detail in meeting our needs. We recommend Saving Point to all our clients and would highly encourage their services for any future opportunities.”

David Sanza
General Manager


Uveneer logo testimonials

“Our company is actively engaged in the manufacturing, promotion and marketing of our dental product to several overseas markets, most notably the United States.

Through engaging Saving Point’s services, we have been able to take advantage of the federal government’s EMDG program for the past three years. This has been of significant benefit to the company and has assisted us in receiving reimbursement for up to 50% of our marketing expenses.

I have been consistently pleased with the results, and will continue to use Saving Point for their expert assistance in preparing the EMDG claim.”

David Shagan

Rate My Agent

Rate-My-Agent-logo - testimonials

“For the past three years, the team at Saving Point were fundamental in supporting and enhancing our growth through their expertise and understanding of the R&D Tax Incentive program.

Saving Point’s extensive expertise in the requirements of the program resulted in a seamless and efficient claim process.

This financial year’s claim helped us secure funding that can be invested in further innovation and development. Throughout this process, the Saving Point team was always willing to listen to our needs and explain the steps involved in the R&D claim. We were kept updated throughout the claim process, and were provided adequate time for meetings and discussions.

We confidently recommend Saving Point’s services for their professionalism and expertise in maximising R&D claims. We look forward to working with them in the future.”

Mark Armstrong 


Enveng-logo - testimonials

“Our company, Enveng, has engaged in research and development since our inception in early 2015, and we approached Saving Point for their help in applying for the federal government’s R&D Tax Incentive.

Having Saving Point manage the grant application for our innovative new product has greatly simplified and expedited the overall process.

The level of professionalism and quality of service we’ve consistently received from the Saving Point team have ensured that we will continue to come to them for their government grant services in the future.”

Alexander Rouditser

InProd Solutions

InProd-Solutions-logo - testimonials

“We engaged Saving Point’s R&D Tax Incentive preparation service for the first time this year. InProd Solutions is a new company and we were unfamiliar with the process of compiling and submitting our grant application.

The Saving Point team answered any questions we had about the grant and overall were very helpful and communicative. Having access to their expert advice and knowledge greatly streamlined the grant preparation process.

We’re extremely pleased with the result and would recommend Saving Point to other start-ups seeking similar assistance.”

Jarrod Neven


Scalify-Logo - testimonials

“Russell has helped us refine our R&D tax incentive claim over the last two years.  Although we consider ourselves to be knowledgeable about the claim process and eligibility requirements, Russell has always provided useful feedback and insights that improve our application.  Russell responds in a timely manner, is flexible and  easy to work with.”

Steve Telburn


First Press Coffee

First-Press-logo - testimonials

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Saving Point throughout our R&D Tax offset claim. Ellen and Anna were very detailed in their collection of information and assisted me in a very prompt and clear manner.

We would never have been able to do this without the assistance of Saving Point and it has ensured that our business can continue to put funds into R&D to ensure the growth of our company.”

Jimmy Elias


Landchecker-logo - testimonials

“Landchecker was established in mid-2015 and we recently began looking at government grants and funding for our new product. We ultimately approached Saving Point for assistance in developing and preparing an application for the R&D Tax Incentive.

The Saving Point team extensively communicated with us at every stage of the claim process and efficiently organised and submitted our R&D claim within a streamlined timeframe.

We’re pleased with the outcome of the R&D Tax Incentive claim and would highly recommend Saving Point to any companies seeking to explore the grants and incentives suitable for their business.”

Will Leaf

Shearform Industries

Shearform-logo - testimonials

“Thank you very much for your ongoing assistance with the R&D Claims on behalf of Shearform. We have greatly benefited from your knowledge and experience in this area, both under the previous R&D Tax Concession regime and transitioning into the new R&D Tax Incentive program over two years ago.

Your guidance and careful consideration of our diverse business and engineering projects, co-operation with the accounting and technical personnel, enabled us to submit the claims efficiently with minimal disruptions and have a positive impact on our cash flow.

We are looking forward to continuing working with Saving Point in the future and are happy to recommend you to other businesses in the industry.”

Sean Rumler
Managing Director

Kinetic Vision

Kinetic-Vision-logo - testimonials

“Saving Point has assisted us in applying for the R&D Tax Incentive for the last two years. While the R&D claim process can be long and complex, Saving Point has succeeded in streamlining the process into a pleasant experience. They have done a great job in compiling and analysing all of our project information and financial documentation in a quick and efficient manner. We were always in the loop and aware of our project’s status.

We have enjoyed working with Saving Point will continue to seek out Saving Point for advice on future government funding endeavours.”

Titus Tang


Littil-logo - testimonials

“The R&D Tax Incentive has offered a great opportunity for our business to obtain a significant taxation benefit from our research and development work.

Littil is dedicated to continuously developing new and innovative products in the LED lighting industry, and we use Saving Point’s services for preparing our R&D claims, including for the 2016 financial year. This has simplified what could have been a complicated process as Saving Point managed our application from start to finish.

Our company would happily recommend Saving Point to others.”

Ilia Korovin
New Product Development Manager