Make a move on your freight costs

If your business is regularly moving goods, either to and from Australia, around the country or just locally, it’s important to regularly benchmark and audit your freight costs and services.

Understand the Past

By analysing your international freight spend history you can better understand your cost drivers, create price benchmarking and optimize your shipping modes and provide global management visibility over your freight spend.

Manage the Past

Checking the accuracy of 100% of your freight invoices and performing root cause analysis on errors will reduce your freight spend and improve the process. Techniques such as reverse billing can also improve your company's working capital. The Audit can be done utilising our Freight Audit Service, we analyse your freight accounts and review the fees and charges paid on transactions to determine any over-charges, comparison of charges within the industry and any applicable refunds.

Create the Future

Selecting your freight partners is the single most important decision to be made with regards your freight costs, we provide you with the tendering analysis tools so that you can make the right decisions every time.  Saving Point can manage the tendering process for you, approach current and potential providers to ensure that you obtain the most competitive price and service delivery and manage the changeover of your account if necessary.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. For further information please contact Saving Point on (03) 9555 3551 or send us an email on [email protected]