Meet Our Team


Our team includes Customs brokers, R&D tax agents, EMDG consultants and a variety of other skilled experts ready to take on your business needs and provide targeted advice as needed.

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Boaz Shiponi – Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director of Saving Point. Boaz is a Registered Tax Agent. Prior to founding Saving Point, Boaz served as Finance Director for a company specialising in manufacture and wholesaling of domestic and commercial air conditioners. This experience, combined with his software development skills evidenced in his creation of proprietary software applications give Boaz a strong understanding of both the software and manufacturing sectors and the R&D Activities involved. Boaz holds a BA in Economics and Management and an MBA from Bradford University.

Extensive experience and tertiary qualifications in economy and business management. (BA Economy Management, MBA)

Analysis of compliance issues and regulations relating to international trade to and from Australia

Registered Tax Agent in relation to the provision of Research and Development.

Extensive analysis of large volumes of data

Licensed Customs Broker

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David Hill – Partner, Grants & Incentives

David joined the grants team at Saving Point in 2017. He brings a wealth of experience in the preparation and defence of R&D tax claims having worked as a R&D Tax Consultant since 2005. During his time working with a “Big Four” accounting firm, David worked on claims of all sizes from small start-ups and SME’s through to large multi-national companies. David’s science background, having completed at Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology), assisted him in developing expertise in the preparation of R&D claims for food manufacturing and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. His intimate knowledge of the R&D Tax legislation has enabled him to expand his expertise in to other industry sectors including software and IT, agriculture, automotive manufacturing, energy and natural resources and construction engineering.

Involvement in client service teams responsible for assisting R&D claimants with compliance reviews and audits. David has been involved successfully defending numerous claims through the audit process

Extensive experience (over 12 years) in the preparation, review and submission of claims for the R&D Tax Incentive, including over eight years with one of the Big 4 accounting firms

Experienced in business risk management

Qualifications in science (BSc)

Staff management

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Russell Mogvilevsky – Director

Russell loves to help businesses flourish and grow.  With qualifications in law and hands-on industry experience, he has provided compliance and advisory services to a range of private and public companies across diverse industry sectors.  This resulted in significant funding, growth and international expansion opportunities for the businesses involved.  Russell has been an integral part of the grants team at Saving Point since 2010.

Extensive experience in the preparation, review, and submission of claims for the R&D Tax Incentive and Export Market Development Grants

Qualifications in Economics and Law (B.Ec, LLB(Hons) Sydney, GDLP UTS)

Extensive experience in compliance and business risk management

Industry and Corporate Development

Staff management and Training