Testimonials old

TOMY Australia Pty Ltd

"Our work with Boaz Shiponi and his team at Saving Point aimed to reduce our international freight expense and streamline this process. Their approach in coordinating and executing our international freight tendering was exceptional.

We were thrilled when Boaz and his team delivered not only a savings of over 35% in our international freight expense, but large refunds through a customs duty audit. This was beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings.

What we appreciated most about working with Boaz and his team was their professionalism and expertise. Their service is precise, timely and extremely beneficial.

Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Boaz and the team at Saving Point to other companies and TOMY Australia will certainly continue to engage their services in the future".

Luke Goss
Finance Manager

Scalify Pty Ltd

"Russell has helped us refine our R&D tax incentive claim over the last two years.  Although we consider ourselves to be knowledgeable about the claim process and eligibility requirements, Russell has always provided useful feedback and insights that improve our application.  Russell responds in a timely manner, is flexible and  easy to work with."

Steve Telburn

Plastic Materials and Processes (Aus) Pty Ltd

"...We were greeted with a very professional service and together with the
knowledge they applied, regular communication and concise advice we were
able to work through the process effectively. The end result was highly beneficial
to our company and has already provided us with significant savings which will
continue to benefit us in the future..."

Mike King
General Manager

Danish by Design

"...The refunds received, as well as the assistance in seeking Customs Rulings was highly beneficial to our company and we would like to thank the team at Saving Point for the services provided. The complexity of the tariff and goods classification system for importation into Australia means that an audit by a highly qualified external company makes good business and financial sense."

Nigel Rose
Managing Director


I wish to take this opportunity to thank the team for your outstanding work in helping Mimco with its recent expense reduction audit.  The integrity and reliability throughout the project provided Mimco with a high level of confidence and has already yielded excellent results.

I would highly recommend Saving Point to other companies.

Greg Puchert
Chief Financial Officer

Kliger Partners:

Saving Point’s comprehensive knowledge of the marketplace not only provided savings across a number of areas relevant to our practice, but also ensured greater efficiencies with our suppliers.  You find yourself asking….why didn’t we do this earlier!

I would highly recommend Saving Point to other companies.

Jeremy Goldman
Kliger Partners

Adidas Australia:

Just wanted to send a quick note to say how happy we have been with the work performed by Saving Point for Adidas Australia over the last couple of years.  Not only has the recovery of a substantial amount of cash been appreciated, but also the comfort we have taken from knowing that there has been an independent pair of eyes looking over our Customs documentation.
Despite the number of files that have had to be reviewed, the work has always been carried out with the minimal level of intrusion on our day to day business.

Saving Point has most definitely provided a skill set and a level of resourcing that we simply did not have in-house.

I look forward to carrying on with you and your colleagues in the future.

Ross Darling
Financial planning and analysis Manager, Adidas Australia

Indigo Business Services:

As a serviced office operator, control of our operating expenses is of prime importance.

After many years in the industry I was convinced that nobody could reduce expenses like I could; and I was sceptical when Saving Point claimed to be able to reduce my expenses without a reduction in service quality.

I am pleased to say that Saving Point proved me wrong.  Their ability to identify savings in a number of key cost areas such as telecommunications, electricity and office supplies was outstanding; furthermore, all of this was achieved without requiring me to invest time or resources into the project.

The experience from beginning to end has been a good one.

I have great pleasure and no hesitation in recommending Saving Point to any organization considering using their services.

Arie Moses
Managing Director


May I take this opportunity to thank you and the team at Saving Point for the outstanding advice and service you have provided our Company with regard to a number of initiatives you have designed to save Kmart a significant amount of money.

The words professionalism and service are more than apt for the time you spent ensuring that our savings potential was maximised.  Attention and consideration were given to the procedures that we have in place, and your unobtrusive manner was welcomed by all concerned.

Furthermore the service did not stop with the submission of your report and recommendations.  Your hands on approach in the implementation of these recommendations have ensured they have been realised quickly and efficiently.

We look forward to a long and successful relationship with Saving Point

Finally, I would be delighted to recommend Saving Point as a customer conscious company offering not only efficient but friendly service.

Raymond Safris

Hunter Overseas:

I have been meaning to write to you for some days now to thank you and your Saving Point team for introducing us to savings and an error could be found and that duty draw backs would be forthcoming, however I am now extremely pleased that we allowed you to examine our entries at no cost and appreciate the substantial amount of refunds you have enabled us to receive.

Your organisation was not only very knowledgeable and professional, but you achieved the results with little or no disruption to our companies operation.

Jeff Hunter
Hunter Overseas


The Signcraft Group contracted Saving Point to review its mobile and fixed line telephone accounts, data services and statutory charges such bank fees. Saving Point’s work has been timely, efficient and as painless an exercise as I could hope it to be. Substantial savings were discovered and achieved, and it also proved to be a good mechanism to validate some of our internal control procedures. The whole process has been good on a number of fronts and we look forward to working with Saving Point on an ongoing basis.

Michael Baljak


Powersource Global :

We have used Saving’s Point twice in the last 3 years to conduct 2 freight audits, it has been worth our while on both occasions with numerous duty over-charges picked up along with some Tariff concession we have obtained for on-going products.

It is a great service that costs us absolutely nothing, any company who is importing $500K plus per annum would be doing themselves a disservice not to engage Saving’s Point every 2 years or even annually. It’s a very simple process, you just lay out the freight invoices and they come in and do the screening (very quickly) then they go away and come back with any queries which are quite easy to answer given they have a solid understanding of a vast variety of products.

David Douglas
Managing Director