Local Industry Fund for Transition (LIFT)

Local Industry Fund for Transition (LIFT)

Incentives to invest

The Local Industry Fund for Transition (LIFT) supports Victorian businesses dedicated to creating job growth and supporting the local economy in the wake of the closure of several key car manufacturers (Ford, Holden & Toyota) and the loss of employment for many Australians as a result.

LIFT provides funding of up to 25% of the eligible project expenditure, with a maximum of $2 million available in support.

Applications are currently open and can be submitted at any time.

What Saving Point does for you

LIFT involves a complex two-step application process:

Step 1. A detailed initial expression of interest (EOI)

Step 2. A formal application should Step 1 be successful.

Our consultants are available to assist you throughout both stages of the LIFT application, including helping you put together project plans and analysing supporting financial documentation.


Saving Point will help you assess your proposed project for the following key eligibility indicators:

✔ Potential for sustainable job growth.

✔ Net economic benefit that stimulates and improves the local economy.

✔ Long-term viability of the project.

Learn more information about the Local Industry Fund for Transition by contacting us for a friendly (and complimentary) 20-minute expert consultation.

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