Freight Audit

Freight Audit

Saving Point’s Freight Audit Service will give you total peace of mind by benchmarking and auditing your current provider to assess whether you are paying above or below market rates.

Detailed analysis

We thoroughly analyze your freight accounts, reviewing the fees and charges paid on all transactions to determine if you have been over-charged and if any refunds are due, and compare your charges against industry best practice.

Saving Point™ recognizes quality of service is key, so our audit process also takes into account the level of service being provided to ensure we are comparing like with like. Once our audit process is complete, we will advise if a more cost-effective provider is available and manage the changeover of your account.

Our no-risk commitment

Saving Point is dedicated to increasing the profitability of its clients by maximizing their potential to reduce costs without compromising the quality and function of their core business.

For further information please contact Saving Point on (03) 9555 3551 or send us an email on [email protected]