Threat-Agnostic Defense

Threat-Agnostic Defense


The increasing number, complexity, and velocity of new cyber security threats is making it harder than ever for you to protect your critical systems and data from malicious acts. Sophisticated attacks not only threaten your organisation, they threaten our national security and the economy.

According to a recent Forbes article, cybercrime costs are expected to reach $2 trillion by 2019. As if that is not bad enough, the World Economic Forum (WEF) reported that “a significant portion of cybercrime goes undetected”– meaning the true impact of breaches could reach far beyond the $2 trillion mark by 2019.

Regardless of the method used by cyber attackers, their ultimate goal is to gain access to assets or data sitting on your endpoints.

New sophisticated advanced attacks such as zero-hour exploits, advanced persistent threats and ransomware pose significant challenges for traditional signature-based threat detection software, leaving you exposed.

Next Generation Antivirus: Moving Beyond Basic Threat Detection

Signatures remain an important component of detection and prevention against well-known threats, but protecting against today’s advanced threats requires a new approach. Next-Generation antivirus (NGAV) solutions have entered the market to fill this void, but not all tools are alike.

NGAV solutions use a number of different threat detection methods (blacklisting, sandboxing, decoy containment, human behaviour monitoring, application behaviour monitoring, mathematical algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence) to protect endpoints from security exploits – often comparing baseline profiles of normative behaviour with observed activity.

Different threat detection methodologies search for threats at different stages of an attack: before execution, during execution, or post execution. For optimal security, you need a solution that will allow you to detect, prevent, analyse and respond to attacks before damage is done.

To provide real value, an endpoint protection solution must be able to detect and thwart known, unknown and future attacks – regardless of the type of attack, who generated the attack, or how, where or when the attack was generated.

Nyotron Threat-Agnostic Defense: Because Security Matters

Knowing you have been hacked is not enough. When it comes to endpoint breaches, you want a solution that will stop attacks before your assets or data are compromised. Nyotron’s PARANOID

Platform serves as a last line of defense for your organisation, enabling you to understand, prioritise and manage attacks.

Ultimate Defense and Complete Protection: Detect, Prevent, Respond and Analyse

Don’t compromise the data on your endpoints. Stop attacks before they start. Nyotron’s Endpoint Protection Platform operates as your last line of defense, protecting you from threats before damage is done. Offering the products, services and expertise you need to protect your enterprise, Nyotron provides you unprecedented break-through cyber defense.

Threat-Agnostic Defense: The Future of Cyber Security

At the core of Nyotron’s Endpoint Protection Platform is PARANOID, a threat-agnostic endpoint protection solution that can detect threats that others cannot. Available as a product or service,

PARANOID leverages its operating system Behavior Pattern Mapping (BPM) technology to protect your data and your enterprise.

We’re Different

Providing a new security paradigm, PARANOID’s BPM maps normative operating system call flows and proactively monitors system calls made to the operating system to identify calls that do not map to normative operating system behavior.

Non-normative system calls are thwarted before execution. Monitoring for threats at the operating system level in real-time allows PARANOID to detect and prevent known, unknown and future threats from being executed, as well as detect threats that infiltrated the network prior to the installation of PARANOID. Unlike other solutions,

PARANOID protects you from threats without having to know anything about the threat. PARANOID’s threat detection approach eliminates the need for someone to become a victim before a threat can be identified.

PARANOID can be deployed apparent or transparent to the user depending upon your organisation’s security policy. It consists of an agent at the endpoint, a server on the backend and central management console and can operate in detect or prevent mode to thwart the final phase of an attack before damages are incurred. PARANOID changes the traditional paradigm from aftermath damage control to real-time prevention, ensuring business continuity.

Real-Time Intelligence and Visibility

Monitoring operating system call activity in real-time, PARANOID captures meaningful, actionable forensic data – enabling security analysts to fully understand the attacker’s steps (when, where and how the attack happened), as well as who and what assets were affected.

Enhanced Monitoring, Alerting and Activity Management

Nyotron War Room, a complementary product for PARANOID, is an enhanced 3D management console that offers full network and attack spread visualisation. Highly configurable, the War Room allows you to view your endpoints according to your desired classifications – by network grouping, application, geo-location, etc.

Nyotron War Room simplifies your ability to you view, analyse and respond to cyber attacks and can be purchased as a product, or offered as a service- allowing you to augment your staff with our highly-credentialed security experts.

PARANOID Managed Defense: Services - for Ultimate Protection

Combining the power of PARANOID and its patented threat-agnostic endpoint protection capabilities, with knowledgeable security analysts and our Global  War Room centers, Nyotron’s Managed Defense Services provide you the 24/7 security defense and intelligence necessary to protect your data, infrastructure and assets from new and evolving threats and methods of attack – providing you ultimate protection and peace of mind.

Nyotron’s Managed Defense Services can be customised to meet your complex information security needs.

Global War Room Intelligence

Nyotron’s Global War Room centers, located in Europe and the U.S. provide 24/7 connection to PARANOID management servers. Proactive and reactive monitoring protect you from advanced persistent threats, ransomware, zero-hour exploits, malware, and future unknown threats that other vendors simply cannot detect.

Customers enjoy immediate protection, policy recommendations, advanced reporting and access to global intelligence and insights based on thousands of endpoints being managed globally.

Dedicated Account Success Managers

Every Managed Defense Services client is assigned an Account Success Manager who works diligently to ensure your assets are protected. Working behind the scenes, our highly credentialed security experts operate as an extension to your team to protect you from today’s most sophisticated threats.

Leveraging and analysing data gathered from incidences across the globe, our security team provides customers with the knowledge and guidance necessary to stay ahead of malicious attacks.

Full SIEM Integration

With SIEM integration, the PARANOID solution is seamlessly incorporated into a customer’s existing security infrastructure. Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts are thus able to monitor PARANOID alerts from their familiar native SIEM systems. PARANOID is able to integrate with SIEM systems through either Syslog or CEF (Common Event Format Integration) log formats.

The main goal of SIEM integration is for Paranoid sensors to enrich the SIEM system with brand new information about previously unknown threats. Paranoid also reduces the day to day overhead in event correlation handling, allowing analysts to identify a single “golden event” more quickly. Finally, the integration helps managerial personnel to assess the business impact of detected threats and improve business continuity and corporate resilience.

PARANOID SIEM integration enables SOC analysts to:

  • Effectively respond to events undetected or unnoticed before PARANOID integration
  • Analyse threats using PARANOID granular logs to quickly reach the root cause
  • Contain and block further spread of threats on the network
  • Mitigate effects of user misuse (“grey area events”)

First Class Incident Response Orchestration

Attackers and malicious code move fast, making preparation and quick attack intervention and remediation vitally important. Nyotron’s security analysts and incident response team uses advanced analysis tools to conduct the incident analysis necessary to launch an immediate remediation plan, ensuring that damage is limited.

Leveraging Nyotron’s advanced endpoint protection technology and collective intelligence garnered from our MDS customer base, Nyotron’s Managed Defense Services team helps you efficiently and quickly remediate even the most advanced threats.


Today’s advanced security threats require more than traditional antivirus defenses. For optimal protection you need an endpoint security solution that can operate as your last line of defense to protect against the full spectrum of threats including zero-day exploits, advanced persistent threats, ransomware and whatever new threats hackers scheme up.

While NGAV or EPP products address some of the blind spots exposed by traditional signature based antivirus software, they have their limitations. NGAV products use a number of different threat detection methodologies (machine learning, application behaviour monitoring, sandboxing, etc.) to protect endpoints from threats.

But beware, some methodologies place a heavy burden on humans and computing resources in order to set up and maintain and do not provide the full spectrum of coverage needed to secure your assets. Other methodologies try to learn, or guess, if a file is malicious.

These vendors claim to stop unknown threats. What they mean is that they can guess if a file is a variant of an already known threat. They can do nothing for threats that are not yet created – truly unknown threats.

For optimal security, you need a solution that will allow you to detect, prevent, analyse and respond to attacks before damage is done.

To provide real value, your chosen solution must be able to detect against known, variants of known, truly unknown and future attacks, regardless of the type of attack, who generated the attack, or how, where or when the attacked was generated.

For Ultimate Security, You Need Nyotron: Because Security Matters

The best approach to combating advanced threats is to address all phases of the threat lifecycle using a threat agnostic approach that can protect you from today and tomorrow’s threats.

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