Import File Audit

Import File Audit

If your business imports products, there’s a reasonable prospect that at some stage you have been over-charged on Customs Duty.

With more than 16,000 Customs Duty concessions available, and with Customs duty levels on products ranging from 5 to 17.5 depending on industry classifications, it’s no wonder that we have found payment discrepancies in more than 97% of the cases we have worked on. Most come down to human error.

Saving Point’s proprietary Import File Auditing™ Service has successfully recovered substantial amounts of overpaid Customs duty, in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars, for clients around Australia across different industries.

The audit process

Using our proven four-part process, Saving Point® will review your full imported product range to gain a complete understanding of their Customs duty classifications.

We then review all Customs entries and associated import documentation going back up to four years.

Using our Import File Audit system, Saving Point will provide a detailed report of any over-charged Customs duties, as well as recommended steps. Lastly, we will prepare all documentation and apply for any duty refunds from Customs, which will be deposited directly into your nominated account.

Our no-risk commitment

Saving Point is dedicated to increasing the profitability of its clients by maximising their potential to reduce costs without compromising the quality and function of their core business.

We operate completely independently, and if we find no savings can be achieved there is absolutely no cost to you.

For further information please contact Saving Point on (03) 9555 3551 or send us an email on [email protected]