Customs Duty Refunds

Customs Duty Refunds

The Customs Brokerage environment has become extremely competitive, which has placed increased pressure on Brokerages to cut costs and reduce clearance times to remain competitive.  Reducing the number of tariff experienced staff and increasing the automation used in compiling each Customs entry are just some of the measures that Brokers have taken to remain competitive.

This has resulted in a steady decline in the ability of Brokers to identify opportunities to reduce Customs duty and monitor any underpayments.

Saving Points Import File Auditing™ System provides importers with qualified and experienced professionals who have the time and expertise to establish the minimum legal amount of duty to be paid for the importers range of products.

For further information see here: Import File Audit

For businesses involved in exporting all or some of the imported goods, or incorporated in goods for export, then the import duties paid to Customs can also be recovered using the Duty Drawback Scheme. For more information click here: Duty Drawback Scheme.

Our no-risk commitment

Saving Point is dedicated to increasing the profitability of its clients by maximising their potential to reduce costs without compromising the quality and function of their core business.

We operate completely independently, and if we find no savings can be achieved there is absolutely no cost to you.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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