Is your management team trying to finalise future purchasing decisions? Forecasting for transportation costs has many variables which may impact the costs of your goods by 10 – 20%. Estimates are based on rates that often change month-by-month. Even with “lock-in” contracts, there are many new surcharges that will lead to an increase in the rate you’ll pay.

The days when most importers could depend on the stability of the rates charged by steamship carriers are long gone. They have been replaced by an era where monthly rate increases led to uncertainty in the freight market. 

There is a solution available!

Saving Point’s International Freight Tender process forces to providers to complete for your business and has been shown to produce substantial savings across International Freight expenditure.

8 reasons to use Saving Point’s Tender:

Cost savings

Substantial time saving

Price certainty for pre-cost shipments

Clear picture of cost base

Invoice transparency

Price stability

International benchmarking

Healthy RoI

Use the best tools to give you confidence in your estimates and sleep easier knowing your freight costs are in expert hands.

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