The R&D Incentive Crackdown facts and figures

There were 151 “high-risk” refund reviews undertaken by the ATO in 2017-18 – 52 refunds were paid in full to the tax payers, 50 resulted in partial adjustments to refunds that were averse to the taxpayers and 49 were fully disallowed.

In 2017-18

 ATO paid or applied $5.4 Billion of R&D Tax Offsets to a total of 13,156 companies.

In 2017-18

ATO completed compliance activities in the order of 270 companies requiring over $200 million in tax offsets to be repaid.

In the past three years the ATO has undertaken around 600 compliance cases resulting in more than $700 million of adjusted liabilities.

Compliance cases resulting

Million of adjusted liabilities

While it’s important to remember that the R&D Tax Incentive is an extremely generous program supporting businesses of all sizes, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure your claims meet the burden of compliance. Our process at Saving Point has been developed to ensure claims are audit ready. Grants and Incentives Partner David Hill has been presenting to accountants around Melbourne explaining the compliance requirements of the Tax Incentive and how to prepare for the audit process.

If you’d like to speak to our team about ensuring your R&D claim is compliant, contact us.

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