NSW government announced David Gonski as a new advisory council.

New attempt from NSW government to make NSW “R&D leader within Australia and becoming a world-class contributor.”

The AFR has reported that the NSW government is seeking to fill the gap in Australia’s approach to research and development, announcing David Gonski (chancellor of the University of NSW as well as chairman of ANZ) as a new advisory council.

This announcement has been praised by the likes of Premier Gladys Berejiklian, and Jennifer Westacott (Business Council of Australia) , supporting this initiative, and supporting the national application of it.

While R&D in Australia has seen support from industry and University co-operation, this has yet to be met with big-tech companies investing into R&D. Further, the AFR note that Australia has slipped in the latest Global Innovation Index, measuring Australia’s capability of translating R&D investments to exportable tech products.

This only highlights the necessity, highlighted by the AFR, for government supported and coordinated programs for collaboration between government, businesses, and universities; translating to research and development beneficial for Australia.

In the creation of this advisory council, the NSW Premier’s office is attempting to utilise research and development to tackle some of its major policy challenges.

Ultimately, this move is a positive one for Australian R&D and Australia as a whole; as remarked by Gonski: “To see how R&D can be made to work for the economy”

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