EMDG Eligibility Checklist

EMDG Eligibility Checklist

Should you be applying for EMDG?

Let us make a basic evaluation to see the probability and validity of an EMDG application for your business.

Applicant Details

Business Details

Business Structure

Grant History

Expenses & Earnings

Did your company incur any eligible promotional expenses? Tick ALL eligible promotional categories that apply:
Overseas representation
Marketing consultants
Overseas marketing visits
Free samples
Patents, trademarks, registrations
Trade fairs, seminars, in-store promotion
Promotional literature and advertising
Overseas buyers’ visits to Australia

Did your company incur any ineligible promotional expenses? Tick ALL ineligible promotional categories that apply:
Expenses arising from production, from product development, distribution or certification, from after- sales activities or from seeking investment
Expenses that were incurred by a related business entity
Expenses that were incurred by you when you were not a resident of Australia
Expenses that are a commission or discount
Expenses that pre-pay for goods or services that will be received after 30th June
Expenses incurred in payment of an Australian tax, levy or charge (except Australian departure tax)
Expenses that relate to an illegal or unlawful activity
Expenses that relate to any form of pornographic material with a classification equivalent to the X- rating for films
Cash payments exceeding A$10,000 per application
Expenses that were not paid by you in the grant year
Expenses that have or will be subject to reimbursement by a third party (other than EMDG)
Expenses relating to and export earnings from the Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea) or New Zealand

Did your company receive any export earnings during the grant period? Tick ALL eligible export earning categories that apply:
Earnings from goods made in Australia
Earnings from services, intellectual property, or know how
Earnings from tourism services
Earnings from event promoters
Earnings from related entities
Earnings from a good made outside Australia that derived a significant net benefit to Australia

Supporting Documents