Have you organised your customs duty health check yet?

If your business imports products, then there’s a high likelihood that you are over-paying Customs Duty.

Duty levels on products can range up to 10%. With more than 16,000 duty concessions available and the introduction of Free Trade Agreements, it can be difficult to understand if your product/s are eligible for a reduced duty rate.

97% of the businesses we have assisted found that they were paying more that they had to on Customs Duty.

The leading cause of overpaid duty generally comes from human error. Due to the demand on customs brokers to clear goods as quick as possible, they may not have the time to identify potential tariff concessions for each product being imported resulting in duty being paid on goods that would otherwise be eligible for a reduced duty rate.

Saving Point can assist in recovering potential over payment of duty by auditing your companies historical Customs Data. We have developed a proprietary Import File Auditing service that allows us to analyse your historical data and identify any potential refunds.

We have successfully recovered substantial amounts of overpaid Customs Duty and assisted companies in saving on future importation costs at the same time.


Saving Point can provide a low-cost Customs Duty Health Check which will first determine if completing an Import File Audit will be beneficial for your company. During the Health Check, Saving Point will complete a high-level review of your historical Customs data.

If you’d like to know more about our Customs Duty Health Check or Import File Audit, please send an email to [email protected]

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