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Take advantage of our Business Grant Finder

There are a huge number of grants available to businesses at any given time and it can be challenging, particularly to start-ups and small businesses, who need to be focussed on their primary service offering, to find the time to work though what can be a difficult and extremely time-consuming task. As specialists in grants and incentives, Saving Point have a proven track record of working with businesses of all sizes to maximise their entitlements from government grants.

Our experts have helped businesses across all industry sectors from manufacturing to software developers to attract millions of dollars in funding. Our team can assist companies of all sizes, from start-ups and SMEs to large multi-nationals. Take advantage of our Business Grant Finder and we will prepare a bespoke report outlining grants applicable to your business.

Step 1

Complete our simple online questionnaire. once completed you will be prompted to book a discussion with one of our grant experts. 


Step 2

Our specialist team will carry our a detailed search of available grant to identify opportunities suitable to your business. 


Step 3

Saving Point will present bespoke report outlining suitable grant opportunities and providing you with recommendations on how to submit your application. 

Complete our online questionnaire and the expert team at Saving Point will prepare a detailed report outlining the grant opportunities available. Our Grants and Incentives Partner will then discuss the opportunities with you in a half-hour video call.


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Use Saving Point’s Business Grant Finder to make the most of your grant opportunities.


Step 1 – Complete our questionnaire and schedule a one-on-one discussion with one of our experts.

 Step 2 – Our experts will undertake a comprehensive search of available grant programs and prepare a detailed report of the options available to you. 

 Step 3 –This report will be presented by our experts during the scheduled one-to-one discussion.

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  • Detailed grant search
  • One-on-one discussion with a Saving Point grant specialist
  • A tailored report outlining applicable grant opportunities and outlining next steps
  • Updates from our team when new applicable grants become available
  • Quick turnaround allowing maximum time to prepare applications