Freight Software

Freight Software

Saving Point are pleased to announce our appointment as an Australian distributor for FreightClarity a software that is created with a simple focus on helping companies better manage their international freight spend.


FreightClarity is an online freight spend management platform that allows you to take back control of your international freight spend.

Have Company-Wide Visibility

Successful management of freight spend requires companies to organize their capabilities across their entire company. This requires a centralized platform capable of handling global complexity, including multi-currency functionality.

FreightClarity provides a global, centralized platform allowing you to collect and share data across regions, divisions and operating silos, providing you with ammunition you need to evaluate the company’s extended supply chain and analyze transportation spend management data.

Audit 100% of Invoices

We estimate that 50% of all freight invoices are incorrect. This is due to many forwarders' invoices not being based on the rates you have been quoted and potential inaccuracies with the exchange rates used.

With FreightClarity you can check invoices individually or as a group in seconds. This ensures that you are paying the agreed amount for every shipment. Top companies levy penalties for non-compliance and this is only possible if you are able to check your invoices accurately and quickly.

Analyse Tenders

The most important decision taken with regards your international freight spend is picking the correct forwarder for you. There are many criteria for selecting your forwarder with price, security and compliance ranking highly. However, cost is the foremost criteria.

FreightClarity provides a multi forwarder, multi currency platform that allows you to accurately compare competing forwarders' rates whether between single countries, within regions, continents or globally.

Pre-Cost Shipments

When you provide pricing quotes to your customers you need to include the freight costs. This can create delays by having to ask your forwarder each time and situations where you are charged more for the freight than you have invoiced your customer.

FreightClarity provides you with the ability to accurately check any shipment cost in seconds and, also, to compare multiple forwarders costs across multiple routes to ensure you choose the best shipment option available.

Create History Reports

By maintaining a detailed eye on your recent freight spend you are able to spot cost trends as they emerge to ensure you have long term control of your spend.

FreightClarity gives you the ability to monitor your spend history across multiple forwarders at once and break down charges across origin, destination, mode and freight type providing you with a cost per kg for each.

Calculate Landed Costs

Calculating the landed cost of each of your products or lines can be time consuming and difficult. Relying on your forwarder or using a spreadsheet can lead to inaccuracies that affect your product pricings and, therefore, bottom line.

By using FreightClarity you can easily calculate your landed cost for any of your products by either cost per item or weight measure. You can also add multiple different profit margins per item so that you can quickly calculate the trade, wholesale and retail price.

Take back control of your international freight spend.

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