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Green Building Fund

The Federal Government announced open for applications Round 7 Green Building Fund program, with a closing date of Tuesday 29 March 2011. Applications must be submitted by 5pm local time in the State or Territory in which the application is lodged. The Green Building Fund aims to reduce the impact of Australia's built environment on…
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Tariff Concession Orders for certain light trucks are now revoked

The CEO of Customs published a Notice in the 27/10/2010 Gazette, a revocation for Tariff Concession Orders (TCO) 9801683, 0509577 and 0509830 for certain light trucks. The above mentioned TCOs provided concessional entry for trucks with a gross vehicle weight (g.v.w.) of 3.5 tonne or less. Those goods are excluded from obtaining concessional entry by…
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All-Energy Conference 2010

The All-Energy Conference is starting tomorrow, October 6. Saving Point will be attending and the main highlights will be posted after the Conference. The Conference includes numerous streams and more speakers covering all the issues and sectors in clean and renewable energy in Australia today, including latest technologies, research and development funding, energy saving opportunities,…
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